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By: Vaughn Mullet, retired Yamada America, Inc. and Ken Mink, retired Liquid Handling Equipment

On May 1st and 2nd of 2010, Middle and Western Tennessee experienced what was referred to as the “1,000 year flood”.  According to the National Weather Service, 13.57 inches of rainfall was measured during a 36-hour time period. The combined two-day rainfall total doubled the previous 48-hour record in Nashville history. On May 3rd at 6 p.m., the Cumberland River crested downtown, reaching a level of 51.86 feet. The Cumberland River, which runs through Nashville, was the highest level recorded since the Cumberland River dam system was built in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The previous record was 47.6 feet set on March 15, 1975.

Near the Cumberland River, a loyal Yamada® customer that manufactures galvanized plated steel shelving for the retail and manufacturing market, prepared for the worse; but hoped for a less likely chance their facility would be affected by the flood.  At the time, they had 9 each NDP-80BPS pumps in service on their galvanizing line.  They were extremely pleased with the 3″ pumps performance. 

Yamada 3″ NDP-80 Polypropylene pump

With the impending rains and floods, the customer was forced to evacuate their facility.  It would be another two weeks before they could get back to the facility to assess the situation and any possible damage.  Their main concern was getting their vital galvanizing line buck up to speed as quickly as possible.  They were astounded to find that all 9 Yamada pumps had been completely submerged by the flood waters for nearly two full weeks.  The customer wasn’t certain if any of the pumps would perform and may have been damaged after being under muddy water for such a long period of time.

With some hope and trepidation, compressed air was applied to the pumps and …. all nine pumps started immediately, without any delay!

As I think back on this story, it reminds me of the “torture test” advertisements used in the old Timex® watch TV ads made popular by newscaster, John Cameron Swayze, who hosted the spots.

A number of these ads subjected the watches to a myriad  of trials. For over 20 years, well into the 1970s, Swayze appeared in the advertising series with one kind of Timex watch or another being subject to various physical challenges to prove their durability, shock resistance, and/or superior waterproofing.  In showing the durability of the watch he stated, “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.”

Yamada’s slogan states that “The Proof’s in the Pump®”  and in my experience over the years, I have seen Yamada outlast and outperform the competitor’s pumps.  So, if I could add my own little catch phrase, “Yamada pumps take a thumping but keeps on pumping!”

TIMEX is a registered trademark of Timex Group USA, Inc.

Craft Brewing

Tis the season, for beer! The craft brewing industry is one of the hottest markets in our current economy.  With over 160 facilities just in the city of Chicago alone, it’s an industry worth spending some time on.  It’s a 26-Billion-dollar market and each one of these facilities could use our SS FDA pumps. They are used on the final products as well as cleaning applications in the breweries.  For more information on what’s going on in your area, go visit plus check out our literature specifically designed for breweries here.

Yamada LLC-2Y Liquid Level Controller

The Yamada LLC-2Y Liquid Level Controller controls Yamada pumps to maintain preset levels.

The LLC-2Y is a totally pneumatic system designed to automatically start and stop Yamada Air-Powered Double Diaphragm Pumps when the liquid level within a tank, sump, etc. reaches predetermined levels. An extremely versatile controller, the LLC-2Y can be used in both single and dual pump applications with any size or model Yamada pump.LLC-2Y installation diagram

LLC-2Y Animation Video:

Learn More: Yamada LLC-2Y Liquid Level Controller


Yamada Ink Pumps

Yamada’s “in-the-field” approach has yielded an accurate, well-engineered ink pump in an easy-to-use, low-maintenance design.

The InkPRO® Ink Pump Technology Specifically Designed For Printing Inks –

Yamada Corporation, a pioneer in pumping products for 100 years, developed the InkPRO® exclusively for the transfer of high viscosity printing inks. Other manufacturer’s products are designed for grease or spray applications and sell modified versions for pumping ink.

Outside Accessible Air Valve –Yamada has developed the latest in air valve technology to insure that your pump runs longer and requires less maintenance than leading competitive brands. If air valve inspection is necessary, there is no need to remove the pump from service – remove two bolts, access your air valve and minimize your down time.

Unique Inductor Plate –The transformable sealing system (U.S. patent no. 6,422,430) is designed to allow for very easy and clean drum changes.

Oil ContainerThe visible plastic oil container protects against ink leakage (see through container), maintains a lubricated plunger, and extends gasket life. Lubrication maintenance is minimal.

Low-Level SensorEasily adjustable pneumatic low-level sensor prevents pump dry running.

Anti-Freezing DesignThe high efficiency air valve is designed to reduce air consumption and cycling speed is optimized to eliminate freezing.

MeteringPrecision, high quality construction insures accurate metering.

Less Noise –Quiet operation (less than 70dB within 3 feet) vs. competitive models.

Source: Yamada Ink Pumps

New Grease Lubricator Pump

grease lubricator
Yamada SKR Grease Lubricator

Yamada Corporation’s air operated SKR110 series lubricator is now available through Yamada America. Though commonly used in the automotive manufacturing industry, the SKR110 unit is used worldwide in many grease pumping applications.
The SKR110 is portable and comes complete with a pump, airlift assembly, air regulator and inductor plate. At a 50:1 pump ratio and operating pressure of 1500-5000 PSI, the SKR110 is capable of pumping grease up to NLGI No. 3, making this unit one of the industry’s most effective lubricators. Get literature.
For more information call Yamada at (800) 990-7867.

Yamada KPL-24 Electric Powered Grease Lubricator

KPL-24Lightweight, rugged and reliable, our KPL-24 offers maximum portability and dependability in heavy construction machinery and wind turbine applications. The KPL-24 fits onto a standard 5 gallon grease pail and provides a discharge pressure of 4061 psi max. It can be used stand-alone or as a centralized lubrication system.


  • 24 Volt DC electric connection (no tapping hydraulic or pneumatic lines) for easy installation
  • 35% lighter (26 lbs) than competitor models with tip-resistant design
  • Metal follow plate construction and Buna N wiping seals for long-term operation
  • 4061 psi max. discharge pressure

Product Update: Aluminum Air Chamber & Diaphragms

In the early months of 2008 the aluminum air chamber for the NDP-20 and NDP-25 series pump was modified with a groove in order to accommodate the newly designed diaphragms from Yamada. As a reminder the new air chambers will be marked on the outside of the casting with a “G” in order to make it easier to identify.

The starting serial numbers for both size series are: NDP-20/25 B/A/S – 487505

The Buna, Neoprene, EPDM, and Viton diaphragms will have the new design with the integrated lip. PTFE, Hytrel, and Santoprene wills till use the old design but will be used in conjunction with the following o-ring: