Jim Nelson’s Helpful Hints: Drum Pumps

drumYamada makes drum pumps in 3 port sizes. The 3/8” pump is available in Aluminum and Stainless Steel. The 1/2” pump is available in Polypropylene or Kynar. The 3/4” pump is available in Polypropylene, Aluminum or Stainless Steel.

All pumps come with a 2” bung fitting and fit a standard 55 gallon drum. When using a drum pump on flammable products remember to ground the barrel and the pump to eliminate state discharge.
Also, when the barrel is empty they become top heavy so make sure that it is supported properly to prevent tipping over.

Dave’s Corner: Proximity Sensor

Proximity Sensors can be provided on almost any Yamada pump. They are used to send a signal every time the pump completes a cycle. This signal can then be used to count cycles for preventative maintenance. It can also be used to monitor flow rate.

When used for one of these purposes the signal is usually sent to a basic digital counter that has no control capability. In addition to giving a totalized readout in cycles it will also be able to totalize in any engineered unit, such as gallons, cubic feet, cubic meters, liters, etc.

Most basic counters will also be able to give a readout in GPM, L/M, or other flow rates. When using a proximity sensor with a PLC and a solenoid in the air line you can also perform batch metering. In other words, you can pump to a predetermined amount and have the pump shut off at that predetermined amount.

The proximity sensor comes in two configurations. Please consult Yamada America for more information about proximity sensors and their use.

-P1 ISA 10-30VDC 3 wire unit
-P2 ISA 24-240VAC 2 wire unit

proximity sensor