Leather Manufacturing: Pumping Aggressive Finishing Chemicals

For over 20 years, a tannery / Leather Works in Uruguay have installed numerous chemical resistant plastic Yamada pumps, to transfer aggressive acids, hydroxides combined with softeners and moisturizers within their plant. These extremely aggressive finishing chemicals are used in their entire production line. After which the treated skins are exported to Germany, where they become the exclusive leather upholstery for high-end luxury cars.

Due to these high standards, the customer required reliable, non-stop pumps without expensive or long repair downtime. Their local Yamada AODD pump distributor, Gianni S.A., provides consistent support and product availability with shop repairs, substantial inventory of wearing parts, and complete in-stock pumps. Due to their exceptional product and customer relations, it is no surprise that this tannery is still the most reliable and trusted leather maker in South America.

Yamada Pumps: Car Manufacturer Primer Base Application

A car assembly plant located in South America needed some #AODD pumps to transfer #chemicals and #solvents for a primer base mixing line. During the bidding process, they insisted to their local Yamada distributor that they prefer only using Yamada pumps. They were looking for a long lasting, low cost of ownership pump to match the exceptional performance they received from their previous NDP-40BAT pump used in a similar application downstream in their assembly line, where this equipment was in service for long term. It has been 10 years, and the NDP-20BAT pumps they purchased are still performing and still running smooth. 

➣➣ Yamada: Engineered to Perform. Designed to Outlast.


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