it started with a fitting

By: Paul Rainer, VP Sales & Marketing of Yamada America, Inc.

In 1905, the late Jujiro Yamada established a factory in Minato-ku, Tokyo and began the manufacturing of valves and fittings. His son, Shotaro Yamada, took over from his father in 1923 and began to make hand operated grease guns. During his 49 year career, the company incorporated as Tokyo Yamada Yuki Seisakusyo and later changed its name to Yamada Yuki Seizo. It wasn’t until 1990 before it became the name it is today, Yamada Corporation.

Mr. Shotaro Yamada

Ultimately, hand operated grease guns evolved into pneumatically operated grease pumps and automotive equipment. Further development in pneumatics lead to the design and manufacturing of air operated diaphragm pumps.

Yamada remains in the forefront on development of quality, long lasting pumps for the industrial marketplace with locations in the USA, Europe, China, and Thailand. To think, it all started with a fitting!

New Grease Lubricator Pump

grease lubricator
Yamada SKR Grease Lubricator

Yamada Corporation’s air operated SKR110 series lubricator is now available through Yamada America. Though commonly used in the automotive manufacturing industry, the SKR110 unit is used worldwide in many grease pumping applications.
The SKR110 is portable and comes complete with a pump, airlift assembly, air regulator and inductor plate. At a 50:1 pump ratio and operating pressure of 1500-5000 PSI, the SKR110 is capable of pumping grease up to NLGI No. 3, making this unit one of the industry’s most effective lubricators. Get literature.
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