Yamada Ink Pumps

Yamada’s “in-the-field” approach has yielded an accurate, well-engineered ink pump in an easy-to-use, low-maintenance design.

The InkPRO® Ink Pump Technology Specifically Designed For Printing Inks –

Yamada Corporation, a pioneer in pumping products for 100 years, developed the InkPRO® exclusively for the transfer of high viscosity printing inks. Other manufacturer’s products are designed for grease or spray applications and sell modified versions for pumping ink.

Outside Accessible Air Valve –Yamada has developed the latest in air valve technology to insure that your pump runs longer and requires less maintenance than leading competitive brands. If air valve inspection is necessary, there is no need to remove the pump from service – remove two bolts, access your air valve and minimize your down time.

Unique Inductor Plate –The transformable sealing system (U.S. patent no. 6,422,430) is designed to allow for very easy and clean drum changes.

Oil ContainerThe visible plastic oil container protects against ink leakage (see through container), maintains a lubricated plunger, and extends gasket life. Lubrication maintenance is minimal.

Low-Level SensorEasily adjustable pneumatic low-level sensor prevents pump dry running.

Anti-Freezing DesignThe high efficiency air valve is designed to reduce air consumption and cycling speed is optimized to eliminate freezing.

MeteringPrecision, high quality construction insures accurate metering.

Less Noise –Quiet operation (less than 70dB within 3 feet) vs. competitive models.

Source: Yamada Ink Pumps

Dave’s Corner: XDP Pump with Cycle Counter

With the introduction of the XDP Series pumps we needed to use a proximity sensor other than the P1 and P2 sensors used on the rest of the Yamada product line, which sense the position of the C-Spool to count the cycles of the pump.

The P1X does not sense the air valve position. Rather, it senses the pressure shift that happens internally when the air valve in the pump shifts.

PIX sensor

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